1391 South Pennsylvania St., Denver, CO 80210
When visiting Shiva Mandir, as a courtesy to our neighbors,  please park along Arkansas Avenue.

You are welcome to visit Shiva Sai Mandir any day between 8 am and 9 pm.

303-722-3658, shivamandir@gmail.com 


Welcome! Shiva Sai Mandir is located in a lovely turn-of-the-century Victorian house near I-25 & South Broadway in central Denver at 1391 South Pennsylvania Street. The temple is a red brick house surrounded by a white picket fence on the west side of the corner of Arkansas Avenue and South Pennsylvania Street, which is one block east of Logan Street. If you are traveling on I-25, you can use the Washington Street exit or the South Broadway exit as the location is between both exits. Gatherings are small and friendly and each person is encouraged to participate as they like. You are always welcome!

Our Purpose: Shiva Sai Mandir’s purpose is to bring the blessings of ancient spiritual traditions into modern life. We serve the community through educational programs, cultural enrichment and charitable service. Our goal is to bring spirituality into practical humanitarian endeavor and to bring participants into a direct and personal relationship with the Divine. We honor and support all sacred paths and teachers.

Our Accomplishments: In the past year (2017), Shiva Sai Mandir’s accomplishments have included:

– Installed life-size statue of Shirdi Sai Baba, given by an anonymous donor

– Performed highly specialized worship of deities daily for Gods and the community

– Officiated weddings, memorials, and home ministerial visits.

– Advocated for human causes.

– Gave time and resources to 7 other charitable organizations.

– Made and distributed 60,000 meals for the homeless.

– Performed hundreds of hours of seva for the community.

– Taught 13 courses in meditation and Vedic Studies.

– Offered 520 pujas and 14 fire ceremonies.

– Provided expert consultation on such topics as Vaastu Shastra

– Hosted 15 community celebrations.

– And welcomed 2,285 visits to the temple.

Our Services: We offer classes, workshops, lunar and holiday celebrations, prayer and healing and community service.

Our individual services include ceremonies of blessings (pujas) for the following:

·         Weddings and family blessings

·         House Clearings

·         Health and Well-being

·         Planetary Propitiation

·         Business Success and Legal Matters

·         Conception, Births and First Menses

·         Memorial Services

·         Rites of Passage; Anniversaries, Graduations, etc.


Community Prayer Altar:  www.shivamandir.org is set up to receive prayer requests that are offered daily in a morning puja (click on E Temple).

We offer on-site classes for your organization:

·         Meditation instruction

·         Sanskrit and Vedic studies

·         Yoga of music: Raga and Kirtan classes

·         Ayurveda: the science of life and longevity

·         Vaastu evaluations (the Vedic science of placement and design)

·         Vedic art: classes in spiritual and sacred art, commissioned art for homes, shrines and meditation rooms: yantra paintings, copper yantras and icon paintings


Our History: Shiva Sai Mandir began as a small group of friends who met regularly to meditate and study. Over time, those friends felt inspired to formally dedicate a temple to Lord Shiva. In the summer of 1996, Shiva Sai Mandir became a formal organization and in the year 2000 became registered as a Colorado charitable corporation. Shiva Sai Mandir now serves several hundred people in the community. We are an all-inclusive organization with no formal membership requirements. Shiva Sai Mandir operates through the loving kindness of an all-volunteer staff and donations from friends and community members. We depend on financial contributions to keep the facility operating and our organization growing. We hope to build an expanded community center and temple building to improve our services to the community. Donations are always needed and dearly appreciated.

The full name of Shiva Sai Mandir is “Shiva Pratyakshita Hridrayalaaya” which has dual translations from Sanskrit as “The Place Where the Heart of Shiva is Revealed” and “The Place in the Heart Which Reveals Shiva.” Both translations describe the blessings that Shiva Sai Mandir brings to the community.




What is unique about Shiva Sai Mandir?



Various saints have quietly visited Shiva Mandir to give their blessing and encouragement. Shiva Sai Mandir is operated entirely on donations and volunteer support.

Our many celebrations have a homey, intimate feel to them and the classes are small, often fewer than ten people. Everyone is welcomed to participate fully during the ceremony and is invited to perform their own pujas at the various altars. Under the tutelage of experienced Vedic Priests and experienced Pujaris, our community has collectively developed the skill of performing traditional pujas. Each ceremony is connected with a charitable service or offering to the community. This brings the blessings of the ceremony tangibly into the world and into the lives of the many people Shiva Sai Mandir serves.

Over the last two decades, Shiva Sai Mandir has cumulatively benefited the lives of over 5,000 participants and is now serving an international community through web-based programs and long-distance conferencing.



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