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Shiva Sai Mandir aspires to build a temple and community center in the years to come. There is a temple building fund and donations are most appreciated.



Shiva Sai Mandir needs financial donations!

Dear friend of Shiva Sai Mandir,

Below is the budget of Shiva Sai Mandir, a great spiritual home for many of us in the Denver area. This spiritual hub is in need of continued support from its many friends.

The past 15 years Shiva Sai Mandir has held numerous sacred ceremonies, meditation programs, and is a gathering space for many different spiritual traditions.  We have welcomed Hindu, Buddhist, Sufi, Native American, Yogic, and Nature-based traditions as a gathering space. We provide soul enriching classes on the Vedic spiritual tradition and are a home base for local humanitarian work.  We do all that we can to support our community and now we need our community’s support.


What Do We Need?

Shiva Sai Mandir is funded through community donations and the support of a few private donors.  Recently our biggest donor has fallen on hard times and can now only offer their time to show their support.  They provided substantial financial funding each month to keep the temple running for all of us.

Our goal is to have all of the operational costs of running the temple covered for the next 6 months.  We need you to show your support at this time so that the temple can continue providing its important role in our community. People were generous with their donations; however, the need still exists.

Could you commit to supporting one (or more) items of the budget for the next 6 months.

For instance, one couple has made a commitment to provide toilet paper and paper towels, as well as $50 a month toward the utility bills.

Once you have chosen which item from the budget you would like to support you can…

 1) Make a monthly donation using the Paypal button or send in a check that reaches Shiva Sai Mandir by the 30th of the each month (so bills can be paid on time).

 2) Make a one-time donation for the full amount of your chosen budget item for the next 6 months.

 3) Donate any amount you can to the budget item of your choice.  We will partner your donation with others to pay for that budget expense.

We will take items off the available budget donations list as we reach our goal of fully supporting the temple operations.

Your donation will make the difference between Shiva Sai Mandir being able to continue its valuable contribution to our community or having to cut programs or worse – close its doors.

Thank you in advance for your commitment and contribution.  Shiva Mandir is a Colorado-based tax-deductible non-profit organization.


Checks can be made payable to Shiva Mandir and sent to 1391 S. Pennsylvania St. Denver, CO 80210.

For any further questions please email shivamandir@gmail.com or call Kyra at 720-309-8651.

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