Dr. Henry Herzberger (aka Swami Ganeshananda)  is a consulting scholar for Shiva Sai Mandir, and visits yearly to offer workshops, yagyas and private Jyotish consultations. He contributes Jyotish Trends to Shiva Sai Mandir’a website and monthly announcements.

Dr. Herzberger has a Ph.D. in Vedic Psychology. He has been a teacher of meditation for 40 years. Dr. Herzberger has conducted international teacher training courses in meditation and intensive courses in Vedic knowledge. Part of his work has included acoustical analysis of sounds and particular expertise in the areas of Vedic recitation and Vedic Yagya.

His desire is to help individuals to rise to the highest levels possible of happiness, success and spiritual development. Dr. Herzberger’s guidance and inspiration helped to establish Shiva Sai Mandir. Because of this, we consider him Shiva Sai Mandir’s spiritual grandfather.




Sekhmet Anna West is a volunteer/internet scribe for Shiva Sai Mandir. She spends considerable time maintaining the Shiva Sai Mandir website,

Anna is a Vedic student, but has been a Sufi mureed with the name “Sekhmet” for many years. Anna also goes to many classes at Shiva Mandir – she has been known as the “fire goddess” (lunar pujas).

Having dallied in many spiritual traditions including fundamentalist metaphysics, pagan (Wicca), quasi-Buddhist (Grace Essence Fellowship), as well as Sufism, Anna has found a spiritual home at Shiva Sai Mandir. She thinks of herself now as a “Sufi-du.” Anna loves beads and makes jewelry and malas when she’s not typing on the internet.


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