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Rocky Mountain Soul University Studies

The Rocky Mountain Soul University is inspired by its parent university, the Sri Sai Kaleshwar Soul University in Penukonda, India. In 2011, the renowned Indian saint, Swami Kaleshwar blessed the creation of Rocky Mountain Soul University as part of a vision statement presented by his students to carry his work into the world.

Rocky Mountain Soul University teaches students ancient knowledge that purifies, heals and awakens their soul capacity. The Fall 2017 schedule will be posted soon.


Sai Shakti Music

Saraphina Mesmer, Teacher

These gatherings meet on the following dates from 7 to 9 pm: October 3 and 17, November 7 and 21, and December 5 and 19.

Build your confidence, expand your devotion and enrich your appreciation with bhajan singing. In this twice-monthly gathering, we will practice call-and-response style singing and learn techniques to enhance our voices and help others heal through music. No singing experience necessary. Musical and rhythm instruments welcome.

These classes are offered by donation. $10 suggested per class – any amount is appreciated. This course counts as academic credit at Rocky Mountain Soul University.

Class taught by Saraphina Mesmer and Nafeeah Kim. Pre-registration is appreciated (; however, everyone is welcome to every class.


Tantric Energy System: Using the Power of Chakras,
Yantras and Mantras

The course will be led by Channing Johnson. It meets on Wednesdays from 7 to 9 pm, three sessions:
November 29, December 6 and 13. This course counts as academic credit at Rocky Mountain Soul University.

Register by emailing

In this course you will learn how to combine chakras, yantras and mantras to create and direct powerful energy that will bring about positive transformation in the physical world. This course is a videotaped program taught by Swami Kaleshwar in 2000.


Sri Sai Kaleshwar


“Vishvamitra Maharshi, I hope everyone knows his story? He’s all the time angry person, he’s a maharshi. Vishwamitra, he founded the Gayatri mantra. That Gayatri mantra is equal to the four Vedas. He broke certain part of his disksha. He’s suppose to be celibate for certain period of time and unfortunately, he broke his diksha and the divine circles, divine soul’s community, didn’t allow his soul to come in the Devata’s place. He’s so angry and he created himself a heaven and he found new mantra, Gayatri – that is equal to the four Vedas.” Sri Kaleshwar


Shiva Sai Mandir-Colorado, 1391 S. Pennsylvania Street, Denver, Colorado 80210