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The Moon. Clothed in chandramoongod2white, white in luster, whose ornaments are white, who has two arms, holding a lotus, whose soul is immortal, who is a yogi, whose vehicle is a deer, with a pearl crest jewel on his head, making the gesture that grants boons — may the Divine Moon ever grant us grace. – from Astrology of the Seers, David Frawley

Modern science tells us that the Moon governs the wind patterns, tides and the growth and hormonal cycles of all living beings on this earth. Consciously incorporating the lunar energies into our spiritual practices and honoring the moon phases speeds our personal progress.


sun yantra

The Sun has the luster of a red hibiscus flower, the power of perception, of great effulgence, the dispeller of darkness, who destroys all sins, the maker of the day.

The Sun dwells within the hearts of all of us as our inner Sun, our inner light and life. Without this inner light, no perception could be possible. Without this inner life, we could not even breathe…. The Sun is our local manifestation of the cosmic or universal light. It brings to us the light, life and love from all the stars, whose children we are. It reflects the light from the galactic center, the central Sun of our galaxy. It is connected with the Suns in subtle realms as well as the physical world. It is a doorway to all the domains and powers of light. – from Astrology of the Seers, David Frawley.



Any negativity and stress that you have accumulated during the month is given to the fire; it is burned and released. This refreshes our energy and alleviates our pain and suffering. Homas help build the energy to fulfill our desires and generate healing. They increase the vibrations within our soul enhance our intuition and give us inner peace. It is said that attending one fire homa is equal to one month’s worth of meditation practice. Fire homas also benefit the environment. They bring a peaceful healing influence that creates sanctity for the environment and the prayers offered during a fire homa benefit all of humanity. The sacred smoke from the fire purifies the earth and increases nature’s vitality. Shiva Sai Mandir offers lunar homas for every full and new moon to help support you by uplifting your energy and increasing your happiness and success.

“Whatever you need, whatever your family needs, a [lunar homa] will help. Homas are capable of destroying the most difficult karma at its very root, which is ultimately the true cause of the problem. Homas automatically send healing and miracle energy to support your success, bring healing, understanding, and fulfill your desires. If spiritual technology from the palm leaf manuscripts of India have been used since ancient times to bring blessings of all kinds.” — from Divine Lineage website.


“In order to purify one’s actions and to bring more harmonious results into one’s life, it is valuable to have pujas or homas (fire ceremonies) performed. The process of puja or homa helps to overcome negative tendencies and influences in our activities. By increasing spiritual forces in our lives, we cannot only remove obstacles but also realize our own true nature.” – Dr. Henry Herzberger, Yagyas and Pujas Jyotish Center


Noon* and Evening  HOMAS


Partial Lunar Eclipse, Monday, August 7


Total Solar Eclipse, Monday, August 21.

The total eclipse of the Sun will happen around Noon— this is a wonderful time to meditate and connect more deeply to the Self. (Henry Herzberger)





What is the energetic influence of eclipses?

Lunar eclipses take place on Full Moons. During a lunar eclipse the shadow of the Earth falls on the Moon. This blocks the renewing and germinating potential that the New Moon energy brings. There is a partial lunar eclipse on Monday, August 7th. A partial eclipse takes place when only a part of the Moon’s surface is covered by the Earth’s shadow.

Solar eclipses take place on New Moons when the Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun. This blocks the governing, active and protective influences of the Sun and interrupts the nurturing, restorative and intuitive energies of the Full Moon. The next solar eclipse is Monday, August 21st.

The influence of an eclipse extends for weeks, months, and in some cases for years. In ancient times, eclipses were considered so important that the reputation or perhaps even the lives of astrologers were on the line for accurate predictions.

Why don’t we perform lunar homas during an eclipse?

Homas are Vedic fire ceremonies that activate and amplify the subtle cosmic energies in nature. Lunar homas amplify energies of lunar cycles. During an eclipse, the beneficial solar and lunar energies are obscured, blocked and even reversed. Performing a homa during an eclipse amplifies these adverse energies.

Are the influence of eclipses always bad?

The influence of an eclipse cannot be categorically regarded as adverse. Solar eclipses are associated with new beginnings and lunar eclipses are associated with completion. Eclipses portend shifts in global destiny and the collapse of decaying and corrupt organizations and systems of governance.

How can we make use of this powerful eclipse energy?

To make best use of the influence of an eclipse, go inward: meditating, resting and doing spiritual practices during the time of the eclipse. Showering or bathing after the eclipse is an action of cleansing and releasing the old energy that the eclipse has severed. General recommendations during an eclipse are to stay out of the “astronomical weather.” During the actual time of the eclipse (approximately half an hour) avoid watching the eclipse and avoid traveling. Do not make major changes or decisions on the day before, during or the day after an eclipse. Resolve to welcome the energy that the eclipse is bringing into your life. The specific influences of the eclipse will depend on your individual astrological chart.

The August 2017 eclipses are bringing powerful new influences for renewal and rebirth in the midst of disintegration of the old. The stage is set for revolutionary change. This is a very significant pattern of cosmic influence that will impact individual and global concerns for years to come.

Nafeeah Kim
Shiva Sai Mandir-Denver
August 2017




New Moon Homa Fire, April 26, 2017

“Sacred fire ceremonies, fire pujas, are a powerfully loving self-care practice for yourself and your community. Looking into the fire clears stress and negativity. This creates space for creativity and inspiration to flow. When we do this together with the power of sacred sounds (mantras/prayers) around a fire, the results are amazing. Fire ceremonies bring healing energy to you, the animals, earth, and atmosphere all at the same time.”

– From Divine Lineage, May 2017


2017 Full Moon Homa* Calendar

*Noon Homas usually take place from noon to 1 pm. Evening pujas take place from 7 to 9 pm.

  • August 7, Monday, NO HOMA, ECLIPSED MOON. Actual Full Moon time is 12:10 pm MDT
  • September 6, Wednesday. Actual Full Moon time is 1:02 am MDT.
  • October 5, Thursday. Actual Full Moon time is 12:40 pm MDT.
  • November 3, Friday. Actual Full Moon time is 11:22 pm MDT (Daylight Savings Time ends Nov. 5).
  • December 3, Sunday. Actual Full Moon time is 11:22 pm MST.


2017 New Moon Homa* Calendar

  • August 21, Monday. NO HOMA, TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE. Actual New Moon time is 12:30 pm MDT
  • September 19, Tuesday. Actual New Moon time is 11:29 pm MDT.
  • October 19, Thursday. Actual New Moon time is 1:12 pm MDT (Daylight Savings Time ends Nov. 5).
  • November 18, Saturday. Actual New Moon time is 4:42 am MST.
  • December 17, Sunday. Actual New Moon time is 11:30 pm MST.

*Noon Homas usually take place from noon to 1 pm. Evening pujas take place from 7 to 9 pm.



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