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Everybody needs to create peace on the globe. Everyone needs to take care of someone’s pain. Even though you have a lot of problems, when someone is in trouble you have to help them. We all need to take care of each other. — Sri Kaleshwar

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Seva (Selfless Service)

SANDWICH Seva – Every Thursday, 10:30 am – 12 noon 

Feeding the homeless: every Thursday morning we meet together to make approximately 135 sandwich lunches and then distribute them in the downtown area. Donations and helping hands are always most welcomed. . This is a project of Sai Humanitarian Outreach

Sponsored by the Mitchell Family Foundation,

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Soul Healing Circle

HanumanChalisaSecond Saturday of the month from 10 to noon

Bringing relief to the spirit and uplifting the soul, this healing is conducted by a powerful group of healers trained in the Sai Shakti tradition.   Dates: March 10, April 14 and May 12. For more information, check this link: Soul Healing Circle.



Prayer Altar

Send a prayer that will be included in the evening puja performed at Shiva Sai Mandir.


Shiva Sai Mandir offers individual services including ceremonies of blessings (pujas).


Shiva Sai Mandir theme for 2018
Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam

“The world is my family.”



Shiva Sai Mandir-Colorado, 1391 S. Pennsylvania Street, Denver, Colorado 80210

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