MASTERY WITH THE FIVE ELEMENTS: How to draw in Divine power
and rebalance and align energy

In this afternoon workshop, you will learn advanced techniques of decharging: techniques that will give you the ability to ore thoroughly relieve stress and negativity through the five elements of nature. You’ll learn why the Five Elements are the pillars of creation and how a master of the Five Elements develops yogic ability. You’ll receive initiation into the first element mantras — the Earth element. Meditation with these mantras will strengthen your powers of intention and manifestation.

Taught by Saraphina Mesmer and Nafeeah Kim. Tuition: Requested donation is $45. Register by emailing


Sri Sai Kaleshwar

“The body is carrying a lot of diseases and pains… At the same time the mind, heart, and soul are also carrying a lot of blocks. There’s only one medicine— to gain soul capacity, soul energy…99% of the globe is carrying depression, heartbreak, unhappiness, unworthiness, pain, sadness, stuck. They’re really lost…. They are swimming in a big ocean. They cannot stop…. The only medicine is spirituality (soul energy). Give them real bliss. There’s no other medicine at all for them in this world…With the ancient formulas, you can receive healing energy step-by-step. There are many layers of healing capabilities, many layers of miracle stages, many layers to understand the Cosmic.”  Sri Kaleshwar


Shiva Sai Mandir-Colorado, 1391 S. Pennsylvania Street, Denver, Colorado 80210